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Acronyms and Abbreviations

ARC      Assistant Rotary Coordinator (Zone Membership)

AG      Assistant Governor

AGM   Annual General Meeting

APF     Annual Programs Fund

COL    Council on Legislation

DDF    District Designated Fund (Grants)

DEF    District Executive Secretary

DG      District Governor

DGE    District Governor Elect

DGN   District Governor Nominee

DGND District Governor Nominee Designate

DT       District Trainer

EREY      Every Rotarian Every Year

IPDG  Immediate Past District Governor

IPP      Immediate Past President

LOA    Leave Of Absence

MOP   Manual of Procedure

MOU   Memorandum of Understanding

MPHF     Multiple Paul Harris Fellow

NGO   Non-government organization

NID     National Immunization Day

P          President

PDG    Past District Governor

PE       President Elect

PETS   Presidents Elect Training Seminar

PHF     Paul Harris Fellow

PHS     Paul Harris Society

PHSM     Paul Harris Sustaining Member

PP        Past President

PRID   Past Rotary International Director

PRIP   Past Rotary International President

RAG   Rotarian Action Group

RC       Rotary Club or Rotary Coordinator (Zone Membership)

RI        Rotary International

RID     Rotary International Director

RIDE Rotary International Director Elect

RIP      Rotary International President

RIPE   Rotary International President Elect

RPIC   Rotary Public Image (Zone) Coordinator

RRIMC   Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator

RLI     Rotary Leadership Institute

RRFC   Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator

RYE    Rotary Youth Exchange

RYLA    Rotary Youth Leadership Award (replaced in District 7680 by SFTL)

SAR    Semi Annual Report (from RI)

SFTL   Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders

TRF     The Rotary Foundation

***TWYRP Thanks for Wearing Your Rotary Pin*** (unofficial)

YEP    Youth Exchange Program

YIR     Yours in Rotary

YIRS   Yours In Rotary Service

YPO    Youth Protection Officer

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