Membership Resources



Zones 33 and 34 Membership Resource Library - an extensive collection of great resources for growing your club's membership. From a wide variety of sources within Rotary.


Our District's Members Resources - as mentioned in our Membership Seminars, at


Membership Resource Guide: excellent four page resource from Rotary International - a tremendous amount of useful information. Rotary's main membership resource page. An incredible array of topics covering virtually any membership situation you might have. 


For Club Secretaries and DACdb Geeks:

Valuable DACdb Membership Resources: 

Demystifying DACdb Membership Data  - Sept. 17, 2018 Webinar

Using DACdb District Compare

Resolving Member Compare Discrepancies between DACdb and My Rotary 

Adding New Members to DACdb and My Rotary

Wally Olson, our District Secretary, can also answer many questions about DACdb. He can be reached at 240-446-8411 or

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