Rotary Peace Centers



Promoting peace is one of Rotary's Six Areas of Focus, and the Rotary Peace Centers are an important part of that work. Click here to learn more about the Rotary Peace Centers, and click here for a Program Guide for Rotarians and for those interested in applying. 


Rotary created the Rotary Peace Centers in 2002 to identify and train highly qualified professionals to become agents of peace. Six Rotary Peace Centers at seven prestigious universities throughout the world offer Rotary Peace Fellows a rigorous program of study and applied field experience in areas relating to peace and conflict resolution.


We are fortunate to have one of the six Rotary Peace Centers in North Carolina, the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center. They host a fascinating annual Peace Conference open to the public each April.


The Rotary Peace Centers draw from Rotary’s long, unwavering commitment to peace, seen in projects that address the root causes of conflict. Rotary’s 70-year collaboration with the United Nations and Rotary’s peace symposiums and peace forums throughout the world further the cause of peace.


The program relies on Rotarians to help identify potential candidates, with a goal of selecting approximately 50 master’s degree fellows and 50 professional development certificate fellows each year.


Learn about the Rotary Action Group for Peace that supports the Peace Centers. 


The Rotary Peace Centers are supported by generous donations and endowment from Rotarians and others, through The Rotary Foundation. 

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